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Our Premium Commercial Security Guards. Servicing NY, NJ, CT, Il, CA, Florida and USA Nationwide.

Security USA - Best New York Security Service also provides nationwide Fire safety directors and fire safety guards. We go beyond the borders and boundaries of USA and Nationwide and offer International Protection. All our bodyguards and security offerings are available in Manhattan, Brooklyn (broorklyn security guards), Queens (queens security guards), Long Island (long island security guards) NY, NYC, IL, Florida, CT. If you need private investigation our security company in the 10 from nyc security companies has highly trained former NYC Police, FBI Agents whose knowledge and training by Security USA allows us to provide the best security guard service, security executive in p i, nj p i, nj pi, nj security, ny p i, ny pi, nyc p i, nyc pi, and NYC private eye.
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A Letter From The CEO

The Israeli "secret weapon": in the long war against terrorism are exceptionally qualified human resources who identify with their mission. The human factor is augmented by investing in training, technology and continued education. Simply stated, the Israeli security experience proves that when security issues are dealt with as a top priority, damage as a result of terrorism is greatly mitigated and people feel less threatened. Reaching this state of readiness requires knowledge, practical training, simulation of unusual situations and mental toughness.

Dear Client:

Today's security threats require serious responses by professional to ensure that your facility does not present itself as a weak-link and a target of opportunity. Beyond guarding precious human life and valuable property. I take pride in providing a SENSE of SECURITY, a priceless and often elusive commodity. I established my company because I was not thrilled with the quality of security services that were available for hire on the market. I decided to offer a better service by drawing on my experience in the IDF (Israeli Defense forces) special forces and my networking with the members of the NYPD and local security specialists. It is therefore my personal mission to ensure that we hire exceptionally qualified security personal, employ only seasoned supervisory staff and focus on clients that have reasons to be concerned about their vital interests.

I trust that you understand, and appreciate the fact that premium security service cannot, and will not, compete on the basis of the lowest bid price. I take pride in our services and trust that you will join a growing list of clients that have come to recognize that cost difference between exceptional security and average security is well worth the service and PEACE OF MIND that comes when Security USA is on the job.
Thank You considering Security USA, Inc.
Rami Hahitti, CEO

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