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Our premium commercial security guards service NY, NJ, CT, IL, CA, FL and USA nationwide.

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Domestic or International Executive Protection & Bodyguards

Security USA understands the needs of individuals requiring protection services. Many factors in today's world cause much concern in terms of security in both the private and business sectors. Not only do individuals find themselves in need of quality security services, but high-profile figures, executives, VIPs, small businesses, corporations, and organizations often find that they need to seek the assistance of security professionals. Addressing real threats requires real know how. There is no substitute for skill and experience when handling today's top security issues.

Our personal security and executive protection services help to keep important people safe at all times, regardless of the industry in which the individual is employed. VIP protection and executive protection is offered to individuals that have legitimate concerns based on real world threats. Our officers can address all security service needs in a professional and tactful manner, and have been individually trained by leaders in security efforts and executive protection - the Israeli Government. Based on the Israeli Secret Service model of security, in conjunction with the efforts used by top counter terror units, our experts provide quality security to executives and VIPs.

Methodical organization, sophisticated arrangements, counter-surveillance and protective intelligence give the Security USA team an edge over other security companies. We offer superior security services because are willing to work around the clock to supply the most outstanding security solutions available. The officers trained by Security USA treat each client as an individual and implement exceptional methods of protection that will make certain the well-being and security of our clients is also maintained. We are among the top ten security guards companies because we offer a plethora of security options to our clients.

Our special agents have organizational abilities as well as experience in handling all kinds of security tasks. When you hire Security USA, we match our officers with your security needs, ensuring that you receive quality protection at all times, anywhere.

Multi-lingual Bodyguards and International Protection

Security USA, Inc. has in our employ, multi-lingual bodyguards and special agents, allowing us to offer international protection services with ease. We work in many parts of the world and offer executive protection and quality security services to public figures, celebrities, heads of state, visiting dignitaries and private individuals. Our bodyguards and agents are trained for every security task imaginable. All of our armed body guards and unarmed body guards have professional backgrounds drawn from the Israeli Army Special Unit and Top Security Branches. They have also worked with American and European security specialists, ensuring that every one of our officers possesses a profound knowledge of the profession.

Our special agents and armed body guards are highly organized, experienced in security management, adaptable under extreme circumstances and prepared for every situation that may occur. When you hire Security USA you can rest assured in knowing that you are hiring highly qualified, trained professionals that rank among the top ten security guard companies available today

Our VIP Protection Services Include:

  • Anti-terrorist Security
  • Armed Body Guards
  • Professional Security Drivers and Armed Chauffeurs
  • Armed Guards
  • Concierge and Reception Security Services
  • Executive Protection Service
  • Fire Safety Directors and Fire Guards
  • First Aid and CPR-Certified Officers
  • Formally-Suited Security Services
  • International Protection
  • K-9 Patrol Services
  • Mailroom Security Services
  • Plain-Clothes Security Guards
  • Armed Security Guards
  • Security Guards
  • Security Inspection Services
  • Security Patrol
  • Special Event Security Services
  • Unarmed Security Guard Patrol Services
  • VIP Protection
  • Aviation Security

Security USA’s Bodyguard and Executive Protection Division offers a number of specialized services to meet our clients’ individual needs. For more information on any of the following specialized services, click on the link below:

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