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Our premium commercial security guards service NY, NJ, CT, IL, CA, FL and USA nationwide.

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Careers at Security USA

Security USA is always interested in interviewing experienced drivers, licensed security guards, fire guards and executive bodyguards for security jobs. We are interested in security minded professionals who understand the values of professionalism, vigilance and customer service. We offer competitive wages, professional respect, job satisfaction and flexible scheduling.

Experienced drivers, licensed security guards, fire guards, fire safety experts, executive bodyguards, and those experienced in CPR are among the positions we interview for most often. Those with a background in VIP protective services, and former police officers, are welcome to contact us. Professionalism and customer relations are at the top of our list of values for our employees.

Security training in Manhattan typically takes place at our midtown offices. Security USA is widely respected in the tri-state area, providing individuals and corporations with the following trained personnel:

  • New York bodyguards
  • New York security guards
  • NJ bodyguards
  • NY security guards
  • NYC executive protection
  • NYC executive bodyguards
  • Concierge
  • Armed chauffeurs
Please e-mail your resume to: or fax to: (212)594-5616.
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