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Security Consulting Planning and Risk Analysis

The Risk Assessment Consulting Process

Each of our clients has specific security-related issues and our professional security advisors are prepared to address their individual needs. Our team of experts is trained to provide every one of our clients with the best solutions for all his or her security concerns. Our advisors offer security consulting to identify existing and foreseeable security risks. Once a clear risk assessment has been made, our security advisors will analyze the assessment to determine the specific security needs of the client. Security USA has the experience, staff, technology and other resources to put innovative security services into place, giving the client immediate security solutions. Our team of consulting experts will provide a complete, documented plan, which will serve as the framework for all of the security measures implemented by our company. The risk assessment helps our consulting advisors define the unique needs of the client and to address those needs with an electronic and/or physical security solution: one that reasonably reflects on the client’s existing budget.

Security USA Inc provides consulting advice, recommendations on security and privacy for high-profile public figures or celebrities, government agencies, government employees, media figures, and executives or VIPs in need of protection. Further, we offer innovative solutions for private individuals, businesses and organizations.

Security USA Consulting Services Include

  • An initial interview with a security consulting professional
  • An objective and clear written assessment
  • Danger and risk assessment including
    • Evaluation of existing security solutions
    • Your facility’s activity risk assessment
  • Closed circuit camera strategic plan
  • Development of security services
  • Integrated security assessment
  • Innovative security solutions for
    • Anti-Terrorist Security
    • Business Security
    • International Protection
    • VIP Protection and Executive Protection
  • Key staff interviews
  • Recommendations and prioritized implementation objectives
  • Strategic security plan for points of entry
  • Continual security services through Security USA, ensuring that all changing security needs are addressed
  • Standard Operating Procedures for security services

Risk Analysis

Threat Assessment

The Security USA risk assessment and security surveys are a major part of the services we offer. It is imperative that a client knows what issues exist in terms of their current security. Once such risks are identified, a plan can be created to eliminate the existing risks and to improve the overall security of the location in question. Security USA experts talk with the client and research the area. The information is gathered and analyzed to determine how we can best assist the client. All past, current, and future threats are figured into our assessment, ensuring a quality plan that defines all security needs. Finally, all needs are prioritized so a client knows precisely what measures are to be implemented and when implementation should take place.

Our expert researchers are field agents that work toward identifying any threats that our client may not initially be aware of. They examine the risks inherent in the field of business in which the client operates, thereby identifying any and all possible threats that may occur. We include a number of assessments in our surveys. Our risk assessments include an evaluation of:

  • Corporate Security Threats
  • Disgruntled Consumers
  • Disgruntled Employees
  • Issues Pertaining to Domestic Violence
  • Stalking
  • Threats to High Profile Figures
  • Workplace Violence

Our risk assessment reports are a comprehensive document for the client that includes:

  • Case History
  • A Detailed Assessment of Existing Threats
  • A List of Security Solutions to Address the Threats
  • A List of Recommendations about Security
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