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Our premium commercial security guards service NY, NJ, CT, IL, CA, FL and USA nationwide.

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Private Investigation (PI), Background Investigation & Surveillance Detection

Security USA, Inc. provides professional investigative security services for corporations and individuals. Our private investigative services are performed by the most qualified professionals in the business. You'll find that our private investigators come straight from careers within law enforcement agencies and/or they possess a highly trained military background. Meanwhile, some of our private investigators have backgrounds that make them extremely well-versed in:

  • Law
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Management Consulting
  • Information Technology

Security Investigators & Private Investigations

Through Security USA’s risk assessment and survey, clients will be shown where their individual, business, or organizational vulnerabilities lie. Further, once vulnerabilities are identified, security strategies can be implemented to reduce the risks the individual or entity faces. Private investigative services are vital in a number of scenarios including accounting fraud cases, background screening, due diligence screening during acquisitions, gathering intelligence for litigation, tracing assets and goods, and vendor screening. Incidents of fraud and computer hacking issues are also security risks that individuals, businesses, and organizations are forced to deal with. Security USA is here to help. Our company provides discreet, confidential private eye services that and addressed all issues with an outstanding level of professionalism.

Our private investigative services (Private Eye, PI) include:

  • Bug Sweeps
  • Background Checking
  • Covert Surveillance
  • Due Diligence
  • Private Investigative Services for Employee Fraud
  • Employee Screening
  • Private Investigative Services for Financial Deviations
  • Private Investigative Services for Grey Market and Counterfeit Goods
  • Private Investigative Services for of Intellectual Property Theft
  • Litigation Intelligence
  • Patent and Trademark Protection Security Services
  • Threats to corporate security and Security Service Implementation
  • Private Investigative Services for Vendor Fraud

Security USA utilizes a variety of tools to ensure quality security and Private Investigative Services. CCTV systems, covert surveillance equipment, CTs, DVRs and surveillance cameras are just some of the equipment our private investigators use. Our private investigative services are far superior to those offered by other surveillance companies because we train our private investigators to work with and for the client in the most professional and tactful way possible.

Surveillance Detection & Threat Assessment

Counter-surveillance experts from Security USA, Inc. are available to carry out electronic counter surveillance inspections to defeat the threat of losing confidential information through electronic eavesdropping. These surveillance inspections also provide reports and recommendations on other unsecured working practices to maximize protection from information exposure. All of our employees are trained to know that discretion and confidentiality between our clients and Security USA is of paramount importance.

Our surveillance team personnel are all former members of the Israeli Secret Service, or the Special Forces surveillance unit. This recruitment policy has the added advantage that each individual operator has been subjected to the same rigorous training program and has worked in extremely politically sensitive situations. All of our personnel are accustomed to dealing with sensitive issues and can be relied upon to be discreet both on and off duty.

Security USA has an array of PI services in different areas. Take advantage of our:

  • Manhattan PI Services
  • NJ PI Services
  • NJ Security Services
  • NY PI Services
  • NYC PI Services and NYC Private Eyes
  • NYC Security offerings
  • USA Security and Investigative Offerings
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