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Our premium commercial security guards service NY, NJ, CT, IL, CA, FL and USA nationwide.

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Management Philosophy

The management of Security USA believes that the best security programs are created and implemented by being proactive, responsive, and customer centered. Our management has combined the Israeli doctrine of security with the American tradition of customer service to accomplish these objectives. Early on, we decided to develop Security USA as a boutique service company for premium security services. We focus on finding the best solutions to address the challenges of our clients, who understand their own needs and value the combination of our expertise, service and responsiveness. Instead of saturating a client’s premises with large numbers of inexperienced, low paid security guards and rows of poorly monitored cameras, Security USA actively engages with the task at hand and develops an effective set of operational methods and procedures for preventing security breaches. While no security apparatus is fail-proof, our philosophy is that a single trained security guard backed by an effective, computerized database and state of the art security technology, is far more effective than five poorly trained security guards who have a limited understanding of the "big picture".

We believe that real security challenges require real security solutions by competent professionals. Anything else represents failure to acknowledge the obvious or at worst, failure to address reasonably foreseeable liabilities. We provide thinking agents and on-site security directors to help our clients meet their obligation to provide a safe environment. We believe that good security is an attainable goal that is achieved through an unyielding executive commitment to methodical training, preparation and resources. When YOU are ready to explore the difference between "an ordinary security company" and real security from Security USA please call us at 866-482-7380 for a confidential consultation.

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