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Our premium commercial security guards service NY, NJ, CT, IL, CA, FL and USA nationwide .

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Special Missions Team

Security USA, Inc. holds the understanding that special and specific security emergencies can arise at any time. Our company stands prepared to deploy a team of security professionals for special protective missions within 24 to 48 hours after initial contact with our company. We have highly trained experts ready to assist in anti-terrorist security efforts or any emergency issues that arise.

Our officers are multilingual and can therefore be deployed to work in a variety of security related services. Further, our officers have an extensive background in special missions and have dealt with highly complicated security issues, giving them the background they need to be effective and professional.

Security USA, Inc. Can Deploy:

  • Armed Body Guards
  • Armed Chauffeurs
  • Armed Guards
  • Business Security Professionals
  • Executive Bodyguards
  • Fire Safety Directors
  • International Protection Professionals
  • Private Armed Security Guards
  • Private Investigators
  • Security Patrols
  • VIP Protection Professionals

Whether our officers are needed for international issues or local issues occurring in the states, Security USA, Inc stands ready for all emergencies. We are a security company offering assistance all over the United States and in international fronts. We have

  • New Jersey Professional Security Guards
  • New York Professional Security Guards
  • Professional Security Guards throughout the USA
  • International Protection Professional Security Guards
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