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Our premium commercial security guards service NY, NJ, CT, IL, CA, FL and USA nationwide .

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Professional Security Drivers

Our security drivers research areas and preplan any routes they are going to take from one site to the next. Our security drivers do not use the same routes consistently, offering secure transportation of money, personal items, and products. Plus, our security drivers are trained via a number of courses to ensure the utmost in quality service for our clients. Our professional security drivers preview each client's travel itinerary. They then make a secure plan for transportation based on the risk assessment and security survey created. Security drivers are educated in the following critical categories

  • First Aid and CPR
  • Route Reconnaissance
  • Security Advance Surveys
  • Security Planning.
  • Proactive Security Measures
  • Crisis Management Planning.
  • Evasive Driving
  • Defensive Driving.

Security USA, Inc offers:

  • Protective driving in an armored vehicle.
  • Executive protection procedures.
  • Professional behavior and attitude.
  • Easy and comfortable driving methods.
  • We have armed chauffeurs available.
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