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Our premium commercial security guards service NY, NJ, CT, IL, CA, FL and USA nationwide.

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Multi-lingual Bodyguards

Multi-lingual Bodyguards from Security USA

Security USA, Inc. has in their employ multi-lingual bodyguards and special agents, trained for every security task imaginable. All of our armed body guards and unarmed body guards have professional backgrounds drawn from the Israeli Army Special Unit and Top Security branches. They have also worked with American and European security specialists. Therefore every one of our officers possesses a profound knowledge of the profession.

Our special agents and armed body guards are highly organized, experienced in security management, adaptable under extreme situations and are prepared for every situation that may occur. When you hire Security USA you can rest assured in knowing that you are hiring highly qualified, trained professionals that rank among the top ten security guard companies available today. Our clients never wonder if they are securely protected because they know that they have hired the finest company out of all security companies available.

Our bodyguards, whether armed or unarmed, are multilingual, and operate in many countries. Our bodyguards provide international protection by protecting and guarding executives, high profile public figures, heads of states, and private clients. Further, our armed guards protect businesses, corporations and organizations. Our company is diverse, offering a multitude of security services and solutions.

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