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Are you in need of security solutions that will make you feel safe while your family is sleeping? Just because you have an alarm system installed doesn't mean that you are completely safe. While the alarm may wake you and alert you and your family to an intruder, what do you do once you have been alerted? Sure, you can wait for the police to arrive, but in the minutes between the time the police are notified and their arrival at your home, what do you do? How do you remain secure?

Do you have security patrol services in place? Security patrol services are nice, but they are a temporary fix to a bigger problem. Security patrol will ensure that your home is secure some of the time, but the security guards must patrol other areas as well. How safe is your home when the security patrol is off somewhere else securing another location?

Security USA, Inc. offers a package to that will allow you to protect and secure your home or location with a trained, experienced officer. Body guards, armed guards and other security officers dressed in plain clothing or in formal attire are ready and willing to keep your home or location safe at all times. Our officers are multilingual, thus they are available to families and businesses all over the world

Celebrities, VIPs, and executives are all high profile people that require round the clock protection. Security USA, Inc is in the position to provide such executive protection. Celebrities in particular require protection from stalkers and fanatics. Our employees have extensive training and experience in dealing with confrontations of many kinds. Therefore, you can be sure that you can rely on our experience to keep you and those for whom you are responsible safe from harm. We have well-trained bodyguards and we also offer bodyguard training.

We at Security USA, Inc. supply many celebrities with security solutions because THEY NEED IT.

Standard security companies just don’t meet the standard that Security USA, Inc has set. While other security companies may be less expensive, they don’t provide the level of protection that our trained bodyguards provide. When choosing the company that will be responsible for assuring your personal safety, quality should be all that matters. Our officers are trained to identify individuals that pose a threat to those they are entrusted with protecting, thus, they are ready to keep celebrities and VIPs out of harm’s way.

We offer:

  • Armed Body Guards
  • Armed Chauffeurs
  • Body Guards
  • Bodyguard Training
  • Business Security
  • Door Men
  • Executive BODY GUARDS
  • Executive Protection
  • Executive Safety
  • International Protection
  • Patrol Companies
  • Private Armed SECURITY Guards
  • Security Drivers
  • Security Guard Services
  • Security Outsourcing
  • VIP Protection
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