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Our premium commercial security guards service NY, NJ, CT, IL, CA, FL and USA nationwide.

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Domestic or International Executive Protection

Security USA knows that security is a great concern in today’s world for both the private and business sectors. Not only do individuals find themselves in need of quality security services, but high profile figures, executives, VIPs, small businesses, corporations, and organizations find themselves, at one point or another, seeking the assistance of security professionals. Real threats require that they are dealt with by someone with real know how. Skill is required to handle today's top security issues.

Through Security USA, executive protection can be implemented that will ensure an individual’s safety, anytime, anywhere. Based on the Israeli Secret Service model of security, in conjunction with the efforts used by top counter terror units, our experts give quality security to executives and VIPs. Our officers are individually trained by leaders in security efforts and executive protection - the Israeli Government.

Methodical organization, sophisticated arrangements, counter-surveillance and protective intelligence give the Security USA team an edge over other security companies. We offer superior security services and are willing to work around the clock to supply the most outstanding security solutions available. The officers trained by Security USA offer individualized protection, utilizing exceptional methods that will make certain the well-being and security of our clients is also maintained. We are among the top ten security guard companies because we offer a plethora of security options to our clients.

Executive Security Consulting

Our team of experts is trained to provide every one of our clients with the best solutions for all his or her security concerns and needs. Based on risk assessments, survey assessments and security checks, Security USA consulting experts will guide the client in the right direction when it comes to establishing a security solution. Our team of consulting experts will provide a complete, documented plan, which will serve as the framework for all of the security measures implemented by our company.

Security USA affords all businesses and organizations the opportunity to implement:

  • Anti-terrorist Security Measures
  • Asset Protection
  • Complete Business Security Plans
  • Computer Information Protection and Security
  • Employee Protection
  • Executive Protection
  • Fire Safety Guards
  • Implementation of Private Investigative Services
  • The Use of Armed Body Guards
  • The Use of Armed Chauffeurs
  • The Use of Body Guards
  • The Use of CCTV Systems
  • VIP Protection

Get constant security measures implemented that readily address security issues common in major cities.

We offer constant:

  • Business security in NJ: surveillance, advice, and protection
  • Business security constant NY surveillance, advice, and protection (Business Security Consultants New York City Consulting);
  • Business security constant US surveillance, advice, and implementation:
  • We offer round the clock security solutions in all states.
  • Business security in NJ: surveillance, advice, and protection
  • Business security in NY: surveillance, advice, and protection (Business Security Consultants New York City Consulting)
  • Business security throughout the US: surveillance, advice, and implementation
  • We offer round the clock security solutions in all states.
  • Domestic / International Executive Protection - Personal Security Services
  • Executive Security Consulting
  • Risk Assessments
  • Surveillance Detection and Planning
  • Multilingual Body Guards and International Protection
  • Estate & Celebrity VIP Protection
  • Professional Security Drivers and Armed Chauffeurs
  • Special Mission Security Teams
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