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Security USA Inc. Central office is located in Midtown Manhattan NYC at 336 West 37th Street, New York, NY 10018
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The Security USA team handles all security and protection projects.

"Today's security threats require serious responses by security firm professionals to ensure that your facility, home or office does not present itself as a weak-link and a target of opportunity. Beyond guarding precious human life and valuable property. I take pride in providing a SENSE of SECURITY, a priceless and often elusive commodity"

Our Premium Commercial Security Guards. Servicing NY, NJ, CT, Il, CA, Florida and USA Nationwide

Security USA is a top security guard agency provides new york security guards, corporate security guards, uniform security guard services and security consulting, guard security training, risk assessment security in the New York and entire USA, covering states such as IL, Florida, NY, NJ, CT and Nationwide. Our services include highly trained security guards, armed guards, armed body guards, armed chauffeurs, bodyguards and executive bodyguards. Security USA is one of the top ten security guards companies, new york security companies, nationwide in business security with a fill staff of Business Security Consultants. By providing companies with the best and most advanced, CCTV, CCTV systems we can offer peace of mind when it comes to security consulting, counter terrorism, covert surveillance. Security USA full service Security Company is a highly trained in security surveillance, covert surveillance company used by top companies to for Executive body guards. Our executive protection services are tops in the industry, assuring peace of mind for and executive safety.

Security USA - Best New York Security Service also provides nationwide Fire safety directors and fire safety guards. We go beyond the borders and boundaries of USA and Nationwide and offer International Protection. All our bodyguards and security offerings are available in Manhattan, Brooklyn (broorklyn security guards), Queens (queens security guards), Long Island (long island security guards) NY, NYC, IL, Florida, CT. If you need private investigation our security company in the 10 from nyc security companies has highly trained former NYC Police, FBI Agents whose knowledge and training by Security USA allows us to provide the best security guard service, security executive in p i, nj p i, nj pi, nj security, ny p i, ny pi, nyc p i, nyc pi, and NYC private eye.

Does your company; building school or employees need NYC security? Security USA onsite will send our highly trained school security, security guard patrol professionals to you and we will do your on site patrols. We offer everything any security Patrol Company would offer, only on security and bodyguards go through rigorous training, security guard training in nyc, so we can provide you with only the best in personal guards, pi, private armed security Guards, anti-terrorists security, private eye, private guard, security officer, jobs in security, private investigative services.

Bodyguards & Executive Protection Services

Welcome to Security USA Inc! Our New York Security and Bodyguard company is located in Midtown Manhattan, NYC and we specialize in the field of security, both in the personal and business security sectors. Our clients know us for our bodyguards our outstanding security services, our diverse security solutions, and for the pride we take in our work. Our clients depend upon the many services we provide so that they can protect their homes, businesses, or organizations. Security USA supplies clients nationwide with the security of anti-terrorist security protection, armed bodyguards, armed chauffeurs, armed security nj, armed security ny armed shoufer new york and bodyguards. Our business security services include business security camera systems, CCTV systems with DVR recording capabilities, covert surveillance, private investigative services, port security and armed security guard jobs. We are a business that provides:

  • Business Security, no matter what location
  • Business Security Guards CT
  • Business Security Guards Florida
  • Business Security Guards NJ
  • Business Security Guards NY
  • Business Security Guards CA
  • Business Security Guards IL
  • Business Security Guards USA
  • Business Security Guards Nationwide

Our New York Business Security, bodyguard Consultants and Advisors are fully prepared to fulfill your needs with our one-of-a-kind top business security solutions.  If you are seeking any type of business security systems, concierge, doorman, Security USA is the top ten security companies and private security companies to turn to: we are armed protective services: one of the top ten security companies in existence today.  Sercurity USA personel are experts in the field of personal and private protection as well as VIP protection, International protection and Fire safety protection.  We offer Executive Protection and security bodyguards, security jobs in the entire USA , including:

  • Executive Bodyguard and Bodyguards Services CT,
  • Executive Bodyguard and Bodyguards Services Florida,
  • Executive Bodyguard and Bodyguards Services NJ,
  • Executive Bodyguard and Bodyguards Services NY,
  • Executive Bodyguard and Bodyguards Services CA,
  • Executive Bodyguards Services NYC,
  • Executive Bodyguard and Bodyguards Services IL,
  • Executive Bodyguard and Bodyguards Services USA
  • Executive Bodyguard and Bodyguards Services Nationwide,

Security USA offers also offers security outsourcing, Security surveys, surveillance, surveillance camera systems, secure CCTV surveillance systems and surveillance for your company and VIP protection.

SecurityUsa, Inc
SecurityUsa, Inc
SecurityUsa, Inc
SecurityUsa, Inc
SecurityUsa, Inc

Our New York and Nationwide VIP Protection Services Include:

Domestic / International executive protection - personal security services
Executive security consulting
Risk assessments
Surveillance detection and planning
Multilingual bodyguards and International Protection
Estate & Celebrity VIP protection
Professional security drivers and Armed Chauffeurs
Special mission security teams

Security USA- Your security guard company believes that safety measures are of the utmost importance. Our New York Security Company qualified fire safety directors and fire safety guards, doormen and consiege prepared to make your home or business location as safe as it can possibly be in the event of a fire. Our guards and chauffeurs are trained in first aid, as well as in rescue missions, and are ready to put safety measures into place immediately. After a session of security consulting and a thorough risk assessment and security survey has been conducted, our company will help you get all of your security needs in place, whether it involves getting necessary equipment installed or getting the right officers, or bodyguards on the job for you.

Security USA your New York Armed Security guardshas also has an array of PI (private investigation) services covering the entire USA including the following areas. 

  • Manhattan, New York PI Services (private investigations)
  • NJ PI Services
  • NJ Security Services
  • NY PI Services
  • NYC PI Services and NYC Private Eyes
  • NYC Security offerings

Security Guards, Bodyguards, Executive bodyguards, Private protection services. Security USA offices Manhattan, New York, NYC 10018. Servicing NY, NJ and USA Nationwide: Alabama Alaska Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming